Top 5 Happy Birthday Poems for Mother

Latest Birthday wishes poems for mom 2016: What is she to you? Your friend? Teacher? Confidante? Guide? Favourite person in the whole world? A mother is more than what she is. She is the one who brings you up. She’s the one who teaches you the value of love and honesty. Express your feeling for her through these short but strong poems and messages for her. Browse through the categories to suit your need. Express yourself well for there is only on person in this world who understands you more than you understand yourself.

Top 5 Happy Birthday Poems for Mother

There are the best five poems for mother

Born from you
Your’s to claim
No words to describe your love
No words to describe your care
You’re my mother
That’s all I can say
Without you my life is dark
And the path is chaotic and stray.

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A little Kid I was
When you held me against the bright light
You hugged me within your arms
And draped me in your comfort
I’m because of you
It’s a crime to think
One could ever define the deeds of a mother.
You’re my everything.
My life, my moments are for yours to claim
I exist because you showed me the light
I exist because you yourself are the light.

Top 5 Happy Birthday Poems for Mother

You held my hand
And made me write my first letter
I tailed you across the house
I smiled within your arms
I cried within your arms
It is only you in this world who understand me
More than I do myself
I come to think of you
You’re my mother
In few words – How can I impart justice to the love bestowed by you?

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Life begins with light
But my life begins with you, dear mother.
So much you have done for me
So much you have taught.
So much you have sacrificed for me.
Vivid are the memories of the days when I used to be difficult
Yet you would hold me within your arms and smile
And I’d play with your cheeks.
You’d sing me lullabies.
You’d sing me fairytales.
You’d sing me of the kings.
You’d sing me of the moon.

If I had asked for the sun
You’d have brought me that too.
Generosity is nothing new in you.
You gave me so much
How can I ever repay?
You loved me
And still do.
You’re my mother
You’re my life.

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