Happy Birthday Wishes and Card

Birthday wishes quotes card, birthday wishes card download, birthday wishes card for lover, birthday wishes card for sister: If you are looking for ideas how to say “happy birthday” in some new and original or funny way, we hope that on this webpage you will find just what you were looking for. One of the most exciting things about birthdays is receiving birthday cards. It’s always such a treat to be reminded of how much people love you. The messages contained in the cards are often a reminder of how truly one is loved. Sometimes people will slip money or gift cards into these birthday greetings. For people who are giving the birthday cards, it can be sometimes hard to think about what to write. You may really love the person you are sending a card too but sometimes you may not know how to express those feelings in words. Luckily, we have a great collection of birthday greetings that are perfect to send to your friends and family on their special days. Birthdays are great occasions and our specially-designed birthday cards can help you get the most of those occasions.

Latest Happy Birthday Card

Happy Birthday Card

Happy Birthday Card


Happy Birthday Card

Happy Birthday Card

Happy Birthday Card

Happy Birthday Card

Happy Birthday Card

Happy Birthday Card

Happy Birthday Wishes

May your birthday be full of happy hours and special moments to remember for a long long time!

I wish that life brings you a beautiful surprise for every candle on your bday cake!

On your special day, I am recalling all of the great times we’ve spent together. You always bring a sweet smile to my face! Happy Birthday to you, my special friend, who will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Here’s to hoping all of your birthday wishes will come true once you blow out those candles. If anyone deserves all the happiness in the world, it’s you. Thanks for always being there for me.

Happy birthday to the most wonderful friend on earth!

Happy Birthday Wishes and Card

Happy Birthday Wishes and Card

Every passing year is just another reminder of how strong our friendship is. So I want to wish you a sincere “Happy Birthday”, may that every wish you have to come true, because you are the person that deserve it the most!

Let this day be full of joy and celebration. I wish you an outstanding and fabulous birthday, my friend!

Best wishes for a joyous day filled with love and laughter. Happy birthday.

Long Birthday wishes

Today, on your birthday, I wish you the warmest love and happiness. May all of your dreams become a reality. But even more than that, may it bring you loads of true love and friendship. Have an amazing birthday!

You are a wonderful source of joy! May your special day bring you an extra share of everything that makes you the happiest in the world. Happy Birthday, dearest.

Don’t think that your birthday is just a reminder of another passed year, because for me, it is the celebration that marks the birth of the best person I ever met in my life. God bless you, hoping He will keep you near for many years to come.

Your birthday is an occasion for celebration! Although extraordinary persons like your should be celebrated every day, not just once a year! So best wishes for your birthday my dearest friend!

A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are – even if you are getting older. Thank you for being that friend, and Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes and Card

Happy Birthday Wishes and Card

A great friend and a happy birthday: that’s what you are, and that’s what I wish for you.

Let me tell you that, with every passing year, you’re becoming the wisest and best-looking friend that I have ever known! May you continue to put out the very best in your life!

You are the most special friend I know, and I’m so glad that I can call you my best friend. I hope you have the happiest birthday ever.

May you always get what you ask for, but you may you always the right things. Happy Birthday. Oh, I didn’t get you anything.

Short Happy Birthday Wishes

Best wishes for a happy birthday and may you enjoy your next year on this planet – or wherever you happen to be.

You are only as old as you feel… Want to feel young tonight? Happy Birthday.

Hope your day is simply terrific! Happy Birthday.

May your day be filled with joy, life, happiness and chocolate. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes and Card

Happy Birthday Wishes and Card

Old friends are like items to collect, but it takes a lot of birthdays to make you old. Enjoy this one!

Stay hopeful and optimistic. I like that about you. Happy Birthday.

To the victor go the spoils. Be victorious on your birthday and act spoiled. Happy Birthday!

Life can be one dang thing after another. Sort of like your birthdays, they seem to just keep rolling on. Oh well, at least pause and enjoy it.

Happy Birthday Wishes for loved one

Happy moments. Happy thoughts. Happy Dreams. Happy feelings. Happy Birthday.

I want to wish you happiness for your birthday and every day. Happy Birthday.

The candles on your cake won’t start a fire if you don’t light them, but that isn’t what candles are for. Keep lighting up the world on your birthday.

Thank you for being a wonderful person and an inspiration. Happy Birthday!

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, may you have a life full of love and joy, and a blessed life.

Today is your birthday! Well, if that isn’t the frosting on the cake!

Birthday greetings and birthday wishes

I want to wish you a Happy Birthday and I truly hope that you enjoy it to the fullest.

Friends like you share happiness that does not depend on what happens or what is said. Happy Birthday.

May birds sing and flowers cover your path to a happy life as you celebrate your birthday.

The whole world is in on the secret that there is something incredibly sweet about you. Happy Birthday.

Spend your fame, save your money. That is my gift of birthday advice that celebrities like you need to remember.

I am glad that you have a sunny disposition because the 10 day forecast is for you to get older every day! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes and Card

Happy Birthday Wishes and Card

I am glad that you have a sunny disposition because the 10-day forecast is for you to get older every day! Happy Birthday.

Appreciate experiences that are repeated in every day life. Also appreciate those that come just once per year. Happy Birthday.

Strike up conversations with strangers at stores and on the street and show interest & make yourself the life of the party always. Happy Birthday.

You bring a bit of sunshine and happiness to all those around you. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday, my wonderful friend! You’ve accomplished so much in such a short time. Hope this year is the best yet.

Happy birthday! Enjoy this year and use it as a launchpad for your future!

Wake up! Drink your coffee! It is time to start your day! Birthdays only come once per year.

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