Top 10 Happy Birthday Poem For Girlfriend and Sweet Lover

Birthday Poem wishes quotes shayari are the common choices for every one: She’s your darling. She’s the prettiest face in your world. It’s her birthday. What boyfriend would not want to impress his sweetheart with some romantic poetry? Impressing a girl is no easy thing. Especially when she’s your girlfriend. She wants to be loved and cared for. Poems touch the heart and stir the soul. Send her any of the poems from our vast collection and make her think about you day and night. Browse through the collection of poems. Do you want to kiss her on her birthday? Do you want to be with her on birthday? Making plans for the big day, are you? From romantic poems to innocent flirty poems, we have it all. Do you think of her all the time? Is she on your mind for days and nights? Send her these sweet romantic poems and make her smile, for there is nothing more precious in this world than her beautiful smile.

Top 10 Happy Birthday Poem For Girlfriend and Sweet Lover

Happy Birthday Poem for Girlfriend

1. What do I write to compliment you?

Your beauty is priceless

Your smile is radiant

I’ve fallen for you

Once and again

My love for you is mad

Yet my words appear sane

I wish you nothing but happiness for years to come

May you live long

On your lips, may there always be a melodious song.

2. Happy birthday to you

You’re my sunshine

You’re my song

I wish you to live long

I wish you to live through your time

And as well as mine

My life – It’s for you to claim

You’re my darling

Without you life would never be the same.

3. Friends though you have many

But one such as me

You have none

A thousand compliments might make you blush

But one from mine makes you smile

I hope I make your life worthwhile

Happy birthday to you my princess

You’re my love

And I hope you always be.

4. You’re the finest

I’m glad to have met you

You put my heart to rest

You bring me out of the blue

You’re got brains

You’ve got the beauty

Happy birthday, my darling, my cutie.

Live your days and live them with love

On this beautiful day, may heaven shower you from roses above.

5. Your arm entangled in mine

Oh girl! That pretty sight gets me high

Those locks of hair, as if painted in gold.

What a memory to behold.

Born you were today

And I wish you a happy birthday

Still to this day you hold the charm

Of a newborn child, that sweet voice, that comforting warmth.

6. Sometimes I wish this day would come again and again

On your birthday you look precious

You look precious

I wish I could cuddle with you

All day and all night long

I wish I could write you countless poems

And sing you endless songs

This is your day

It’s for you to have

Happy birthday to you

Do not forget – Today and forever, I love you.

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7. No, I do not intend to write

Neither do I intend to sing

But it’s your birthday

And there must be joy

But there is no design, no plan

We’d leave all to time

And let it take care of all rhyme

But you must not get sad

Your sadness makes me mad

I’d bring you the stars if I could

How I wish I had been the moon,

So I could have brought you the stars.

8. You’re the universe

And I’m just a little star

You’re my whole life

You hold me through happy times

You hold me through strife

Only God knows how much I love you

How life would have been without you

I don’t have any clue

It’s your special day

Make merry and rejoice

Live this and the next hundred

To the fullest.

9. You’re the angel of love

Who pierced my heart

With the cupid’s arrow

I am so much in love with you.

My love is as pure the winter’s sunshine

How deeply I wish to be yours and for you to be mine

On this special occasion

I wish you nothing but the best

I wish my love

I wish you joy

I wish you with words

I wish you songs

May you be happy through all dark, through all tests

May your heart be at rest.

10. There could be nobody

But you to love me

You stole my heart

You touched my soul

I am yours

You love me – Tell me this

You are the one I always miss

May you live and love a thousand years more

Happy birthday to you

Be mine, forever, let us both love, let us both kiss.

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