Top 5 Happy Birthday Poems For Brother

Sharing Birthday Wishes Poem Quotes Wallpaper for sweet brother : Many of you love your brother and many of you hate but at the time of birthday you forget all this and what comes in you mind? What is he to you? A friend? A guide? A partner in crime? He’s just your brother and yet he’s just your brother. Express your love through one of the many short poems about your undying love and care for your brother.

Birthday wishes for brother

Top 5 Happy Birthday Poems For Brother

A part of my day
A part of my life
My brother, my partner in crime
Little kids, we were, when we used to play in the sun
We’ve grown old
And now we stand to think how
Our support to each other, turned out so strong
Turned out so true
Now in deeds and in words
We appreciate each other’s value

Little brother
I’m glad to have you in my life
In the past
You’d make me smile
Whenever I felt sad
You’d run around the garden
And I’d chase you.
I have no worries about life
As long as I have you
You’re a gift of God

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We’ve not only shared a room
But a whole life
We’ve held each other through happiness
We’ve held each other through strife
What would I be if not for you?
You’re not just my brother
You’re a reflection of me
I feel sad that now you’re in a distant land
I’ll see you soon
And then into the night, staring into the stars
We’d talk and laugh, until disappears the moon.

Soon you’d leave us all
For an alien land
You’d leave us for your life
You’d leave for your ambitions
But separations need not to make you sad
We’ve had
So many years
And soon
We’ll have even more
My wishes stand with you
And so do my hopes
Do well in life, my brother.
You’re the only one.
Like you – There’s no other.

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How carefully I confessed within your ears
My heartbreaks, my fears.
How carelessly we played through the blazing light.
H0w enthusiastically we laughed through the night.
You’re my memoir
You’re my brother
I’ve hidden within you
All my life
All my emotions.

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