Unique Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother

Blessed are the ones who have a Birthday Wishes For Brother. And blessed is your brother you have a brother like you. What is that you can do to make his birthday even more special? What is that you can do to make it more memorable? Nothing could be enough to make his day perfect. But little gestures make a grand wish. Browse and send from among the thousand birthday wishes for brother and make his special day a little more special.

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Birthday wishes for brother

You’re the best brother I’ve ever had! You’re also the only brother I’ve ever had, so that’s not saying much.

If I bought you beers and a cake, would you share them with me?

I’m very glad that God took enough time out of His busy schedule to give me such an awesome sibling like you.

Brothers are great for borrowing money from. So, can I have a couple bucks to buy you an awesome present?

You are my best friend. Thank you for always being there for me.

Nobody likes Big Brother, but I’ll make an exception for *my* big brother’s birthday.

You’ve had my respect and admiration for all these years.

Funny Birthday Wishes and Messages

Despite your rough early start, you have turned out to be quite a fantastic person.

On this, the anniversary of your birth, I wish you a fabulous day.

Today may be your special day, but know that I love you forever.

You age pretty well, bro. I also lie pretty well, as you know.

Only you would let me get away with dead baby brother jokes on your own birthday.

You’ve always been there for me, so I’ll be there for you today with cake and ice cream!
I couldn’t wish for a better sibling than you!

Picasso said “it takes a long time to become young”. You sure didn’t take long…

The store didn’t have any free iPads, so I got you a card instead.

Un-birthdays may be fun, but real birthdays are better!

There’s a proverb that says “love the giver more than the gift”. I didn’t get you a gift, so…

Too bad your birthday’s not on the 4th of July. Free fireworks!

18th Birthday Wishes

Thank you for all the great childhood memories. Now, about that gerbil…

May God bless you with loads of happiness and joy in every step of your special day.

It was great growing up with a bro like you – someone to lean on, someone to count on, and more importantly, someone to tattle on!

Siblings make the best scapegoats. Sorry about pinning the blame on you when I broke that vase…

21st Birthday Wishes

Brother, you are one the most loved people in my life. Happy Birthday.

Bro, you’re yet another year older. Don’t you ever STOP?

May today bring you lots of cake, presents, and cards with money inside!

There’s something wrong with today, and I think it’s your fault. It’s always your fault, isn’t it?

I may not be by your side for your special day today, but you will always be in my heart.

Let’s forget the past, as we can’t change it. Let’s also forget the present, because I didn’t get you one…

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